Director's Statement

As a director, she is committed to create empowering and inspiring content that bring joy, hope and magic to the audience, young and old. She strongly believes cinema has this magical power to be the bridge between reality and dreams, creating a sparking and uplifting experience. It’s so easy to be drifted away by the negative, and that’s why our world need positive films, questioning and rethinking a hopeful future.
STELLA TINUCCI is an award winning director/producer from France, based in Los Angeles, specialized in family content.
Graduated from the University of Paris Diderot with a Bachelor’s Degree in film studies, she then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a certificate in cinematography and in producing at the University of California, Los Angeles.
She started her filmmaking career in the science field, working as a director for the National Museum of Natural History in France. After that, she was hired by different company to work as an editor, while also working on-set as an Assistant Camera on various indie films. In 2013, she created the film association “Trav’ling”, organizing film festivals, presentations and workshop for a wide audience.
With her production company, Mascarade Pictures, she aims to create entertaining, magical content. Winner of “Best Western Comedy” for her short “Clam Chowder“, “Best US TV pilot” and “Best Director” for “Surreal Estates” (a comedy mystery, mix of Sherlock and Scooby Doo), she just released her latest work, a comedy adventure feature film entitled The Lost Treasure, entirely shot on Oahu (Hawaii), and distributed by Vision Films.